Low Water Goby

September 27, 2017 Drew Rosema, Flies, Journal 4 Comments

Despite the heat wave steelhead season is fast approaching. I have been trying to stock up on some steelhead streamers that have proven themselves in the past. The current drought like conditions have me  thinking of last fall when we had a period of very low and clear water. In that type of water I often find flies that are a little more on the natural side will produce. This is a simple Goby pattern that caught quite a few fish last fall. This fly is tied on a shank and It can be tied weighted or unweighted depending on where you are fishing. Hopefully this fly will help you catch a few more steelhead!

Hook: Your favorite stinger hook (I like Owner SSW hooks)

Shank: Any short shank will work for this fly

Tail: Black Squirrel Strip

Body: Olive Ice Dub

Underwing: Tan Grizzly Marabou

Wing: Black Flashabou, Flashabou Bronze, Copper, Green

Fins: Black Squirrel Strips

Head: Peacock Black Ice Dub

1. Tie in a loop of 40lb braid for a stinger hook.

2. Tie a strip of black pine squirrel in at the rear of the shank. The strip should be the length of the stinger loop so the the hook sticks out just past the tail.

3. Take a large clump of Olive Ice Dub and tie it in as a clump to create a large ball in the middle of the shank.

4. Cut two 1″ pieces of black squirrel strips and tie one on each side of the dubing body to create the fins.

5. Tie in a large tan grizzly marabou feather so that it covers about half of the tail.

6. Over the top of the marabou feather tie in a large amount of black flashabou the length of the tail. On top of the black flashabou tie in a small amount of flashabou weave.

7. To create a large head take a large clump of Peacock Black Ice Dub and tie it in behind the eye of the shank.

8. Add a hook to the stinger loop.

9. Tie the fly to your leader and catch a fish!