Skeleton Leech

December 4, 2017 Flies, Kevin Feenstra 0 Comments
Skeleton Leech

The Skeleton Leech is a quick and simple variation of a Halloween Leech

This fall has been challenging with limited numbers of steelhead.    The good new is that the quality of the fish has been great. Because numbers are low, we are constantly trying new color combinations, trying to find something that will take an extra fish or two.     Some of the best flies we have found have been when the fishing is not great.   Difficult conditions forces us to try new things.

In September, I received some of flashabou’s new white color flash.   I could not find a good use for it at first.    I decided to incorporate it into some leech patterns this fall.   I really did not expect it to work, but the first time we used it we caught a fish.    This became a regular occurrence, and this fly has saved some days that would have been unproductive.  I have not found a substitute for this new material.   The white flashaou is necessary for this fly to work.

The fly is very easy to tie, here are the materials:

Shank:   25-45 mm of your choice, with a loop of your choice of braid or beadalon

Eyes:  Lead or bead chain eyes to suit conditions

Tail:   Black Marabou

Wing:   White flashabou #6947 (

Wing 2:  Black magnum flashabou, clear grizzly flashabou, or black holographic flashabou

Wing 3:  (Optional) On cloudy days, a strand of copper magnum flashabou;  on sunny days, a strand of magnum holographic flashabou

Head:   Orange ice dub covered with hot orange ice dub or Hot orange over pink, or hot orange over chartreuse.

Fish this fly deep with a heavy sink tip and you won’t be disappointed!