Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company: West Michigan's superb source for Ross Reels, Scott Rods, and sporting literature. 

Great Lakes Spey Shop: The two handed side of the Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company. 

Muskegon River Fly Shop:  A fine new shop in Newaygo with a great selection of fly gear appropriate for the Muskegon and West Michigan. 

Schmidt Outfitters: This is a great fly shop in Wellston Michigan that services Northern Michigan but especially the Manistee River system.  

Nomad Anglers: Features a knowledgeable staff who are avid anglers. Also has a nice selection!

Mad River Outfitters: A reputable fly shop in Columbus, OH with an excellent on line store.

Reeling and Healing Midwest: A great organization that helps women with health problems.

Schultz Outfitters: Mike Schultz operates this fine guide service on the East side of the state.

Atlantic Salmon Fly Artisan: Beautiful hand tied flies for Atlantic salmon.

Off the Hook Tube: Bob Braendle's Tube Fly Site is a great source of fishing knowledge and tube fly supples. 


 Peter Humphreys:   Peter is our good friend and is a fabulous casting instructor.   If you would like to learn how to cast, spey or single hand, Peter is one of the best options in the Midwest.

Nathan Hulst:  Nathan is another good friend of ours.   Nathan specializes in fly, light spin fishing, and center pin gear.  He has been in business for many years  is well respected on the Muskegon River.         

Outfitters North Guide Service: Owned by Jeff Hubbard, who does great work on the P.M.

Hawkins Fly Fishing: Excellent, knowledgeable, outfitter serving several rivers around Michigan.

Captain Brian Meszaros:Highly recommended guide on Lake St. Clair for large warm water fish such as muskies and smallies.


Captain Bruce Chard: Friend and well known guide of the Florida Keys. Bruce is very energetic and an excellent host in that part of the country. 
Captain Brian Meszaros:Highly recommended guide on Lake St. Clair for large warm water fish such as muskies and smallies. 
Tony Karuvaara: Tony is a friend of ours from Finland that often visits the Muskegon River to fish for steelheadHe is a magazine editor/rep. 
Casters Fly Shop: Dave Hise owns Caster's fly shop in Hickory, North Carolina. Check out his interesting web site or visit his store!  
Bozeman Angler: Our old friend Tyson Webb moved to Montana and works at this excellent fly shop. Say hi to Ty when you go out West! 
Brad Petzke: Brad Petzke operates a Rivers North guide service in the Upper Penninsula. He finds big fish in remote places! 
Scott Thorpe: Scott is a well respected fishing guide from Minnesota, guiding the rugged North Shore for steelhead and Alaska.
Jerry Darkes: Long time friend Jerry is a product rep and a well known Lake Erie Tributary Guide. 
Tight Lines: Friend Tim Landwehr and his team run this shop. This part of Wisconsin is legendary for smallies. 
Doublessoutdoors:  This is Ray Schmidt's Adventure travel, consulting, and photography site.    


Reeling and Healing Midwest: A great organization that helps women with health problems.

Great Lakes Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers: This is a great conservation organization. 

MRGA: The Michigan River Guides' Association is an organization committed to sustaining our river systems. This web site contains links to many very good guides around the state.

Schrem's West Michigan Trout Unlimited:   Our most local Trout Unlimited Chapter; this group has done great things in our local watersheds. 

Kalamazoo Valley Trout Unlimited:  Another great Trout Unlimited Chapter that does great work throughout West Michigan. 


Matt Zudweg's Matt makes great stuff and is a good friend.

Derek DeYoung's Canvasfish.comDerek makes bold fishing-themed paintings.

Nets that Honor the Fish:Hand crafted from domestic hardwoods, these are special nets.

Waniglas Rod Company: These guys make beautiful custom bamboo rods.

Jeff Kennedy Studio: Jeff makes beutiful art and great sketches of fly patterns. 

Tim Pearson: This guy makes very cool stuff. He is from Northern Minnesota. 

Creations from the Ground Up:Beautiful, hand crafted fishing art.

Atlantic Salmon Fly Artisan:  This site has beautifully crafted Atlantic salmon flies and classic fishing articles.