Over the years, we’ve developed fly  patterns through trial and error.   These flies are tried and tested.   Because they are so reliable, we consider them all stars that will always have a place in our fly boxes.  They found their way here by popular demand.

They can be tied in a variety of formats:  hooks, shanks, and tube flies.     Some of these flies are all purpose, such as the emulator.  This fly can be used for a variety of different species throughout the year.   Others fit a niche in our fly boxes.   For example, the grapefruit leech is a fly that comes into its own during the winter months, often fished with a heavy sink tip and an intermediate belly.    

The best source for flies is always your local fly shop, but we do sell selections of premium flies at our external site: swingabigfly.com.   Each fly image above includes a link that will give you a printable PDF.