Inside Bender steelhead fly picture

This is the smallest swung fly in my arsenal, called the Inside Bender. It is a super quick and dirty fly that takes moments to tie. It is designed for steelhead but catches everything!

Here is how to tie the Inside Bender:

Materials Needed:

Hook: Small Shank

Eyes:  Lead Eyes

Loop:  20-50lb power pro

Tail:   Brown or olive grizzly hen hackle

Flash:  Cranberry holographic flashabou

Head:  Clump of peacock eye ice dub–This is a new color that I like a lot.  It gives a small fly a big presence.

Steps for tying this fly:

1.     Put a shank in your vice and cover it with thread.   A 3XL hook can be used as an alternative.

2.     Tie in a pair of bead chain or lead eyes at the front of the hook.

3.     Tie an overhand knot in a piece of power pro, so that it creates a 3” loop.

4.     Put the loop of power pro through the bottom of the eye and come over to the top.   Lash the power   pro in with thread; the overhand knot will prevent problems if a big fish takes the fly.

5.      Tie in a grizzly hen feather, sloping down.

6.      Tie in a few strands of cranberry flashabou over the feather.

7.      Add a clump of peacock eye ice dub, whip finish the fly and add glue.

8.      Attach a short, wide gap hook before fishing….

Comments:  A true guide pattern; this one is quick and dirty and is one of my favorite winter patterns.  It is a great combination of simplicity and effectiveness.   It is usually fished on the swing but also works very well bounced along the bottom and then swung out at  the end of the drift.

As its name implies, it is frequently used on slow inside bends in the winter.    It is designed for steelhead but often catches stream trout and just about everything else (walleye, pike, etc.).    This fly likely imitates darters but regardless of what it imitates, it works!

To download a PDF of this file, click here.